Cooperating Parts — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Cooperating parts:

we’re based on cooperation, from cells in communication across the body, atoms of select elements acting to bring us into solid view, and particles drawn to one another for any of this to even be — we are cooperating parts, yet seamless as the whole.

and more than…

Without Need of — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Without need of:

without need of explanation — everything belongs as it does, simply and for reasons of their own appearance. Life doesn’t offer apologies, what occurs is the only ever way that things could be, and there is no real argument otherwise. Of course we will debate this, second…

This Body Too — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

This Body too:

it’s this body too that awakens, a wisdom of parts that function as a whole, cohesion, and even as we age, grow ill, and eventually die — we are present through every stage, witness and embodied though every point of its existence. We are not removed from…

Caregiver Still — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Caregiver still:

so many wonderful people, close and long time friends, acquaintances through familiar circles, and people barely known except to distance reach of social media, all caring people who shared a moment of my grief, showed concern, and provided comfort during sorrow. …

Least Effort — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Least effort:

through least effort, and this is the wisdom of the way, Tao, nature — I acknowledge this in body, the efficiency of my heart that beats without need of willful thought, that my lungs function with an ease of breath, air found at the ready. There is great…

Gifted By — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Gifted by:

that so little is required of me, truly, for life itself is given freely and without my asking — I am blessed by my own presence, gifted by the grace of simply being here, alive, and aware. Yet still, much is taken for granted, unnoticed by its ease.

With This — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

With this:

with this, I start writing — what I have is an empty page and the willingness for words to appear, patience, and no agenda for a message to be told. It’s early and I can afford to wait, allowing the morning pace to match the flow of words…

As Soul — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

As Soul:

as soul, and this is what we are through essence and being, native to earth and air by the very root of composition — elements of the same order, molecules shared through ages, and the endless trade of atoms, particles and common space.

we are the soul of…

Too Seamless — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Too Seamless:

too seamless for description, yet even now the page demonstrates a willingness to hold words without bias, and if spoken aloud the air would allow each syllable to be known. Reality is a display of this harmonious interaction, of capacity and its endless embrace of every detail of…

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