A Continuous Response

eric mccarty
2 min readOct 9, 2020
Continuous Response — Misty — Aware — Nonduality

Faith through my continuation:

as a continuous response — life in full creative offering, spontaneous, and my own participation being equal to the flow. This is the true karma of being, simply action of each moment leading to the result of more action. It’s how life goes on, a process of self-creation, from a bud in early spring sunlight to its later summer bloom — everything responds in someway to what’s offered.

my own response is mostly unnoticed, that my body is nourished by food and water, to more subtle levels of cells acting to heal or replace themselves in a moment of their need. It’s a higher wisdom than my own conscious mind and better left that way. I trust this sense of being to care for me without adding my concern, a response of faith through my continuation.

yet all this plays through my awareness in someway — knowing I’m alive by response to what’s given, no different than the flower bud in its own becoming, but aware that I am the process of life in action. What I am is karma in display, a momentary result already dissolving in response to what’s appearing. It’s continuous action, motion, and to find myself aware is just part of my participation. Life happens and the universe vibrates in response to itself. I simply belong to this action, an aspect of life in constant vibration.

in no way mystical, but still a mystery in its process — life continues. My faith is that I part of this continuation, if only for this certain moment, and that whatever arrives next will be proper in response. It’s not a faith of expectations. That I am alive, right now, is all I need to know.


Peace, Eric



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