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2 min readJul 1, 2022
Argument — Headless Now — Prose Poem — Moca McCarty Photo


the argument is usually of the origin of consciousness as well as its lasting value after death of an individual — are we consciousness beings of a limited span of existence, consisting of an arrangement of material that somehow gives rise to our awareness of the world? Or does consciousness precede our particular lifespan, with the universe itself being the basis of our awareness and one true existence? It’s a valid argument of the ages and up to this point no one seems to know for certain, materialism still holding sway in science and even many philosophies, while mystics and seers mostly hold the view that everything is an expression of pure consciousness. Of course it’s not always a line drawn so clearly between two (or more, really) camps — quantum physics is weird enough in its description of reality to offer explanations that seem to sometimes merge the two ideas, as if some physicist were modern day mystics that have a keener insight into the nature of reality than ever before and offer a marriage of sorts between materialism and one that also includes a bit more idealism. Sometimes too it’s the other way around, with materialism being less involved in any explanation.

it’s an interesting argument that’s made its way to certain spiritual circles, a nonduality crowd that insists that consciousness is one and all, a never ending process of our existence, and those who hold a similar view of many scientist, based on materialism, and that we are finite beings that somehow gained a sense of awareness from a chance arrangement of matter, limited in our time and existence. The truth is that we simply don’t know anything for certain, no argument made clear, and even the best educated guess is still a fore-way into mystery.

consciousness is all.

that’s it.

my only argument.

and it’s easy for me to say this as it’s the only way I ever experience the world, there’s no argument otherwise and I have no idea if there’s anything other than what I’m aware of right now. I’m aware, alive, and continuously astonished that’s it’s so. If this is a finite experience, a one and done existence, than how much more a miracle to find myself gifted with life and the opportunity to know this. If I’m an infinite expression of pure consciousness than everything belongs exactly as it’s found, no need to argue for things to be other than they are.

it’s the perfect arrangement of mystery.

truly, I don’t know anything for certain.

and live without the argument that I do.


Peace, Eric



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