As an Ocean

eric mccarty
2 min readMar 24, 2023
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As an ocean:

our consciousness as an ocean, I love this apt metaphor, and it reminds me that I’m about to dive deep within my own true nature with every meditation, that at the exact moment of my sitting I am embarking on an infinite journey within, unmarred by whatever thoughts skim the surface of the mind. It’s the mantra that carries me downward, acting as a vehicle of vast expression, bringing me deeper, and deeper still, even as it comes to me as a faint impression, a gentle wave barely given notice as I explore this inner-ocean world of my unbound consciousness.

these are shared waters, not really mine at all, but a depth that belongs to us together, it’s where we meet in purest essence, formless, but sure of who we truly are. As an ocean, ever changing, and without a bottom to floor our exploration — we only go deeper, a growing mystery, discovering currents beneath currents and yet somewhere being aware of a stillness always just below.

as an ocean, such an apt metaphor.

of course a metaphor is not the thing itself, never the actual experience but a bare description told. Yet it serves as our invitation to dive within this metaphorical ocean, intriguing us, hinting at our mystery lying just below the surface of the mind. Yes, we are largely unexplored, with uncharted depths waiting on the edge of every thought, an easy repetition of a mantra, or surrendering completely to the breath, both serving to loosen our mental grip that’s so tightly held against an imaginary shore.

as an ocean, consciousness…

an apt metaphor waiting to be explored.


Peace, Eric



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