As Our Salvation

eric mccarty
3 min readAug 7, 2022
As Our Salvation — Karma — Prose Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

As our salvation:

karma is explained and literally translated as action, simplified as cause and effect, and commonly thought of as the golden rule, believing that we will reap what we have sown. Our former deeds have brought us here, living the consequence of our actions, and how we act now will define us in the future. Perhaps this is so, as it seems perfectly linear in its view of cosmic justice, that we can’t evade our past behavior, and that we are responsible for our own conviction as well as our salvation. It’s certainly backed by long assumption to be true, thousands of years and across many cultural traditions, the role of karma is central to the lives of many, even those who haven’t been raised with it being a common theme in their religion. It’s now deeply part of our belief system.

of course that doesn’t make it true.

that isn’t an argument against causality, it’s not a debate at all really, and I have no stake in offering a counter view to the role of karma. I’m not a philosopher, and certainly not a Sanskrit scholar. Although deeply read in many Eastern traditions, I know little more than anyone else does on this matter. But I do have my own insight here, provided by deep meditation and hours of self-inquiry, there’s my own intuition and thoughts on the role of karma, grace, as well as our salvation.

and it all seems more subtle than I once believed.

so here it is, my own insight, easily dismissed as it’s only a momentary expressions given in consideration to these matters. This is less of a belief than it is art, creative writing, temporary in its offer. Karma is motion and it’s only translation is life. It’s continuous, constantly shifting to it’s own dynamics, and there’s no lasting effect in it’s ever changing flow. This is who we are, karmic by our very nature, motion, and we are served by the grace and mystery of it all. Each moment is free from the past as well as being a current display of all that’s ever been before, it’s seamless in the best of our descriptions, and the only truth that can definitely be stated is that life is simply mystery, unknowable by any definite, but only something that we deeply express through living. Each moment is who we are, and karma is not the cause nor the effects of this, only the action of our display, everything being a show of some greater work of art, and we are at once the artist, brushstroke, and the canvas to it’s touch. All things. Everything.

as well as our salvation.

for we are free of any karmic hold, being always motion, life,and never once exactly the same through any single moment. Our salvation is grace, and we are already free of every past restraint, self-creating another world to show. Continuously so. Karma isn’t punishment nor reward, and in truth it isn’t really our salvation…

it’s simply who we are.


Peace, Eric



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