At Once

eric mccarty
1 min readFeb 22, 2021
At Once — Headless Now — Poetry — Moca McCarty

At once:

it’s not just that we are joined common by existence, that we are known deeply as truly being one — but more so that we are really all at once. We are an occasion of this moment.

perhaps our better inquiry is in asking when are we?

and the only answer leaves us here, now, that we are at once, and will only occur this present moment. This seems to be our true joining, brought to be through a joyous, spontaneous occasion of life right now. We are an occurrence, happening together. This leaves us without true time, no measure other than our own mark of passage, an illusion, and one that overlooks all that happens now.


it’s all at once, life, a present happening, and this places us more as motion than any fixed span of a given time frame. Right now, we appear as form, life in firm display. Yet we are also a swirl of energy, formless, particles dancing in cellular union. Our dance is always now. But through this current happening, we shift too in our appearance, dancing more as emptiness, until another swirl of motion brings a new expression. This is our occurrence, at once and always.

we dance.


eric mccarty

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