Bare Essence of an Art-Form

eric mccarty
2 min readMar 3, 2024
Bare Essence of an Art-Form — Headless Now — Lyrical Prose

Bare essence of an art-form:

it’s what we give our attention to that becomes a new medium of art, gaining a sense of creative energy just because it captures our imagination. This is how it is for me right now with YouTube shorts, video clips of less then a minutes length that can tell a complete story of their own. I love this haiku style format, a bare essence of an art-form that provides a structure, yet also invites an artist to be free within the perimeters of its order. I’ve embraced this format by offering clips of nature, a glimpse of local flora and fauna through my own unique perspective.

loving the bare essence of this art-form.

my only goal here is to show and share my world, a reflection of an interior perspective that’s mine alone and doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. In this way it serves as encouragement for others to share their view as well, giving us all a rare and beautiful peek into how each of us sees the world. This is the art of diversity and can never be done in a way that isn’t uniquely personal. It’s a self-created medium that allows us to showcase our individuality.

our own bare essence,

shared with others,

a brand new art-form.

for me, it’s with nature, however it is that I find it, and I give no attention to editing or arranging any subject matter. The world itself, through all of it’s variety and infinite beauty, provides me everything I need to share its story. I absolutely love this opportunity of a visual haiku, the simplicity of its format and that it’s entirely my own perspective that’s now shared. I’ve embraced it completely, using the simple tools of a phone camera and the natural light that nature provides.

it’s the bare essence of an art-form.

perfect for my own expression of the world.


Peace, Eric



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