Barest Notice

eric mccarty
1 min readFeb 29, 2024
Barest Notice — Mantra — Meditation — Headless Now — Lyrical Prose — Moca McCarty Photo

Barest notice:

of first note is the mantra’s effect on my body, with heart rates settling to a calm and easy rhythm, breath growing ever more subtle, almost imperceptible in its passage, every natural function happening on its own without my interference. There’s only the barest notice now, a faint impression of heart rate and breath until even this is given to the mantra in a final act of letting go.

it’s my body that’s meditating first.

assured in its awareness.

it seems that the mind sometimes follows a longer course to reach this point, thoughts streaming without restraint, again without any interference on my end, everything allowed to settle in it’s own time. I’m in no hurry here, as there’s the soft return of my mantra playing through me, gently, not causing an interruption, but gaining just my barest notice, enough to lead me to an underlying silence found beneath this thought-filled world.

it’s the body that’s meditating first…

yet my mind soon follows.

and everything happening completely on its own.


Peace, Eric



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