Been Given

eric mccarty
2 min readNov 28, 2022
Been Given — Sunlit — Prose Poetry — Headless Now — Grateful — Moca McCarty Photo

Been given:

that its all been given, unasked for, an entire universe provided as a gift — I’m continuously amazed by my surroundings, the life that I have, that I even exist at all. It’s all a miracle, everything, and I have caused none of it to happen, having been given spontaneously, so freely and abundantly to my every need and care.

life is indeed a miracle.

let’s consider the sun, placed perfectly in its distance from earth, being just the right size for its purpose, it’s temperature not a fraction more than needed, bright enough to illuminate our entire world. We never ask for light, it’s been given to us along with the infinite gifts depending upon its touch. Our oceans are warmed to a life sustaining degree, plants are nourished by the sun’s rays, the earth’s atmosphere affected in ways that produce wind and rain. All from the sun’s touch, even its gravitational pull keeps the earth in orbit at the exact distance needed for all of this to be so perfectly arranged.

sun light has been given, freely, and there’s life because of this.

each morning while preparing breakfast, I give thanks to everything that I trace back to the sun’s touch, with fruit ripened to the right point of being offered, berries picked beneath it’s rays, oats harvested from a sunlit field. I am nourished by the sun, fed by its light, having been given this exact moment to be awake, grateful, and alive.

yes, it’s a miracle.

the sun, and all that thrives from it’s existence….

it’s all simply been given.


Peace, Eric



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