eric mccarty
1 min readJun 18, 2024
Broken — Healing — Sunrise — Headless Now — Lyrical Prose


it feels like the last several years have broken me open, that I’m no longer solid as I once felt before, porous now, and that life moves completely through me. This is probably true for so many of us at this point in time, a collective trauma of pandemic and personal loss, national division to the point that feels like tribal warfare and no sure ending of this in sight.

it’s an age of insecurity.

yet feels as if we’re all ignoring it.

as if we’re attempting to piece ourselves together instead of allowing our brokenness to reveal our spacious nature. The thing is, we break for a reason, life as we know it is simply too much for us to hold together, it’s frantic, filled with the busyness of trivial things as we ignore an all consuming fire. We break open so there’s room for this fire, it heals, and leaves the ash of our hurried lives behind.

it’s a sacred fire.

and we’re the allowing space through which it burns.

but only if we see it.

recognizing the holiness of our brokenness,

as well as the cleansing reach of fire.

so for this…

I remain broken open.


Peace, Eric



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