Creatively at Home

eric mccarty
2 min readNov 20, 2022
Creatively at Home — Prose Poetry — Headless Now — Meditation — Mantra — Moca McCarty Photo

Creatively at home;

my own thoughts are that meditation isn’t anything special, and yet still it’s imperative to my day, and yes this certainly seems a contradiction, it is really, but it’s exactly how things are for me. I’m fine with that, life is never a static display of one idea alone, it’s too dynamic, constantly in flow, and meditation is simply an aspect of this that calls for me to join, a calmer point of motion, and here I find myself creatively at home, playful in the dynamics.

so in essence, meditation is just another mode of being, one given to less attachment to thought, a committed sense of listening to the seamless world of my own interior silence as well as life through all of it’s sounds. Nothing is excluded here, it’s just sitting, welcoming whatever condition now arises, and returning to the vibration of my mantra, easily, carried on, deeper to that well of silence. There’s no point of achievement here, I’m not striving for a quiet mind, there’s just love for this moment, how the mantra plays through an ocean of silence, surfacing at times with thoughts and idea, and then once more submerged to hidden depths stillness.

again, here, I find myself creatively at home.

it’s that simple.

of course the question that’s often asked is does it lead to an awakening, or is it a means of attaining enlightenment — and my answer is that I have no idea. It might, as it has a long tradition in so many spiritual culture of helping in this way. That counter-point is that it reaffirms the sense of being a seeker, continuing the belief that we are somehow found separate from the very source of which we already are. This might be true as well, perhaps more often so in this modern world of instant gain and gratification. Or, at some point, all of these notions are simply let go of, surrendered to the surface area of our thoughts, and then meditation becomes that deep ocean plays as mention above. There’s no real struggle here between here between seeking and attainment, meditation is an artful display of what is present right now, placing us at the very moment of a thought’s first appearance. We are creatively at home here, exactly where we are, and meditation simply brings us to this awareness, as if waves are settling….

and an ocean’s depths appears.

here, always, all along.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

Writer, prose poetry, meditation teacher and lifetime student