Desire Line

eric mccarty
2 min readMar 27

Desire line:

that the mantra acts as a desire line, a pathway of least resistance to an already quiet mind, each repetition adds to this trail in soft vibration and it becomes easier to follow with every sitting. This our guide through the interior landscape, an almost forgotten world of silence where thoughts and ideas emerge from their place of origin. The mantra is our return, a recognition that the pathway itself already exists within the promised land, we think it easily, without need of concentration, allowing its vibrations to show us that we’re home, exactly where we are.

a desire line is spoken from the land itself, it’s a term used by planners to note a pathway that appears spontaneously on its own, a shortcut that calls for steps to be taken here, by passing existing sidewalks and trails. For me, it seems to be a natural communication, a hint from the landscape that this way leads to our destination through easier travel, and that our footsteps are guided by listening to these lines. Not every park or city manager is happy with these trails, upsetting their carefully laid plans, and structured pathways. Yet these desire lines already exist within the land, present to the earth, ancient, and they appear completely by urge of their natural wish to be traveled.

a desire line is exists within the very fabric of the land.

a vibration.

calling for our steps to be taken.

and so it is with the mantra, natural, a vibration that urges for a soft repetition, a whisper really that requires only our ease of listening. This isn’t a chant of words, it’s a faint path, an impression that trails through the mind and calls for us to follow. Meditation happens on its own, without any concentration, a desire line that wishes for our easiest travel, and the mantra reminds us that every step is home. Our travel is through our own interior landscape…

a pathway of existence, with nowhere else to go.


Peace, Eric