Field of Creativity

eric mccarty
2 min readMay 3, 2022
Field of Creativity — Headless Now — Prose Poem — Moca McCarty Photo

Field of creativity:

that it’s all a field of creativity, everything, and we too are simply means of this expression — there’s really no other explanation for life, for our existence in the world. Neither science nor religion ever really captures the essence of why we are here, with science offering detailed evidence of how the universe came to be, and religion providing myths to satisfy the curiosity of our minds. My own theory is one of possibilities, that we belong within an infinite field of creativity, and reality is in constant rearrangement of itself, spontaneous, an expression never meant to truly last beyond the moment it arises.

cosmic art form.

of course this isn’t really a theory, let alone one of my own ideas, it’s just a play of words to capture the deep sense of belonging to some vast field of creativity, that I am an aspect of life that seems to have somehow found itself aware, awakening for the sole purpose of appreciation and participation in this creative act of living. We are an expression of the whole universe, artfully arranged through every given moment, fluid, vital. We are infinitely expressed, but only temporary in this particular presentation, and even now we’re shifting towards another show of who and what we truly are…



an infinite field of creativity.

and with this all of our expressions are just right, perfect, unable to be judged as anything other than divine by very nature. Our participation is given so that we can be continuously expressed, constantly rearranged through every possibility of living. We are not meant to be static, to hoard our worth in small beliefs of who we are — we are the universe in creative display, infinite, designed to participate within the grandness of this full expression. We are the entire creative field arranged to show a lifetime, spontaneous, ever changing, and now aware that this is so. Our every act is creative, divine, and with this we let go of each expression of the past, allowing ourselves to participate in what this moment offers, a constant presentation of life through all of its arrangements.

an infinite field of creativity.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

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