For Listening

eric mccarty
2 min readJan 27, 2023
For Listening — Prose Poetry — Headless Now — Meditation — Moca McCarty Photo

For listening:

mornings are for listening, soft sounds arriving easily to the ears, a long pause of silence that feels so holy in its embrace that I am instantly lost within its hold. This is the morning of pre-dawn, hours until first light, sacred time. My mind is naturally quieter here, more prone to slip effortlessly between thoughts and spend a timeless length there, emerging with subtle insights and inspiration.

mornings are for listening.

and that’s how I approach my writing as well, just moments after meditation, mantra still a faint impression echoing through my mind, vibrating soundless waves of pure creation. This is what I listen to, my own primordial point where these vibrations become thoughts and then forming to a quiet whisper of words. That’s my very best writing, so little of my own action required, inspiration given so freely to my receptive mind, everything taking place in these quiet, holy hours.

it’s a time meant for listening.

and that’s how writing happens, or at least the lyrical prose that holds my attention — these are words that are heard, deeply so, not of my own making, and yet I’m not separate from the source of their creation. It’s a seamless process of inspiration and I have no real idea how it all occurs. I’m just happy to find that I belong here, and luckier still to be part of this magic, that I stumbled onto these hours and gave myself the time to simply sit, doing nothing but the sacred art of listening.

that’s what these hours are meant for.


Peace, Eric



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