How Easy It Is

eric mccarty
2 min readJun 24, 2022
How Easy It Is — Headless Now — Prose Poem — Moca McCarty Photo

How it is easy:

how easy it is, effortless, life appearing without me any giving cause, that I’m aware of it too in such a natural way -and that it’s all simply part of my existence. For me, at least seen in this light, it’s an awakened life, to just note that everything’s happening in the only way it could right now, unfolding in a perfect sense beyond the care of my judgement or concerns. What’s noted is that I belong fully to life’s flow, an event appearing as a self, and that there is no need for transcendence past this very moment. Life itself is enlightened — and I’m as fully alive as I’ll ever be…

right now.

and that’s how easy it is, recognizing myself as life, already aware, and now awake to how miraculous it all is, everything. Enlightenment really takes care of itself, happening as the ease of sunlight dries the morning dew, how a blade of grass glistens with the weight of moisture and this touch of light, everything found perfect in such a beautiful way — and that even my notice is now somehow part of this perfection. I don’t claim enlightenment, nor even an awakening in any special sense — only that I belong to the same sunlight touched upon a drop of dew, that I am equally of earth as every blade of grass, truly I’m a participant of it all, involved through every event that life holds.

that’s how easy it is,


and always.

it’s life that’s enlightened, my only claim is to be alive, and that it happened through no effort of my own and without need of my concern. At no point do I have to take control and guide life with a purpose or intent, everything is cared for in the same manner as an easy reach of morning light touched against a blade of grass — dew drops in slow travel to the ground, nothing interrupting the perfection of this moment, and that somehow even later as I write this, it’s still a continuation of that perfection, just as easy now, the sunlight still reaching although the grass has long since dried.

events are always changing…

yet life remains constant in its flow.

that’s how easy it is.


Peace, Eric



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