How Simple Things Are

eric mccarty
2 min readJul 11, 2022
How Simple Things Are — Headless Now — Prose Poem — Moca McCarty Photo

How simple things are:

finishing up a book on string theory right now, and as almost always when I complete such a book I contemplate how little of it I actually comprehended, quantum physics being so far over my head in most of its concerns that I only glean a faint idea of what’s been read. Yet for some reason I’m drawn to this subject, inspired even, and through it’s complexities I’m surprised at how simple things are. Physics is the deep explanation of life, a description of the universe at large and through the infinitely small. But what amazes me is that we are presently, right now, living this description, an expression of the Big Bang being shown through even aspect of our lives, that at this very moment we are a swirl of particles somehow defined through the vastness of a void.

physics explains God.

of course not by using such a word, and not in the belief of any supreme creator having a master plan, but our existence is explained, our arrival from a field of complete emptiness to a vast and complex universe. That’s the role of God if we were to give it all a single title. Or if one was really needed. And what science does is no less than explain miracles — again examining all the known complexities and being amazed at how simple things are, the ease of which I take a breath, how perfectly my body functions, and the seamless way I exist within the world, belonging to a system that includes each single detail that gives cause for the universe to continue on.

all this through no effort of our own.

it’s amazing how simple things are.

there was a statement in the book that surprised and intrigued me, basically saying that as yet, science doesn’t know the real world implications of string theory, how it effects our daily reality. And of course it’s pretty simply really — we are the examples of continued vibrations, existing within a universe created by quivers of strings within an energetic structure. We exist as real world implications of string theory, vibrations within a universal mind, God, if you will. We are an essential and seamless part of this complex system.

God particles, each of us.

and yet how simple things are too, that we exist in such a spontaneous and effortless fashion, finding ourselves suddenly aware and being alive within this complex world…and all we have to do is breathe, allowing our hearts to beat their own easy rhythm, a natural participation of this universal order. It’s all physics, everything a vibration without need of explanation.

simple, really.


Peace, Eric



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