How We Appear

eric mccarty
2 min readJan 29, 2023
How We Appear — Prose Poetry — Inquiry and Meditation — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

How we appear:

how we appear — and I don’t mean in the eyes of others, nor by our own self-judgement, but that our appearance is an ever changing state of cells composed of elements made of atoms that have existed since the first moments after the universe was created. How we appear is a miracle, by all rights matter itself shouldn’t have survived the quick expansion of the universe, only energy in its purest form, and yet somehow a small amount of matter survived, a particle filled world exists, everything exactly and precisely being in a way that allows for our appearance.

mainly though…we appear as energy.

our main source of mass is energy, those ancient particles being far too tiny to hold any sort of form completely on their own and that our appearance comes from a dance of sub atomic particles, between quakes and gluons, two elementary particles that offer contrast in their interaction, creating a field of energy that becomes the basis for our bodies.

we are literally a field of energy…

being danced into existence.

and that’s how we appear.

of course my science here is weak, barely touching upon the intricacies of existence, and truthfully any further explanation is far beyond my ability to explain. I only have a surface understanding of physics, even less of biology and chemistry, all important aspect to know in order to detail our appearance in the world. But what I have available to me is awareness, a laboratory of self-examination, and that I can inquire into the nature of my existence, meditating deeply into a stillness that holds some very important answers. How I appear is indeed a miracle, my own examination leads me towards an emptiness that exists as a field of pure potentiality — this is where that dance of energy takes place, everything appearing right here, however briefly, and yet the energy itself remains. Somehow, there is awareness, and I won’t speculate on its essential nature, if its quality is inherent to particles themselves or if it too is danced into existence. I simply don’t know, and any answer would only be in defiance to the ineffable mystery that’s displayed. Honestly, there’s really no need for me to know anything beyond this…

how we appear, our existence, and the fact that we’re aware,

it’s a miracle indeed.


Peace, Eric



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