It’s The Expression Itself That Matters

eric mccarty
2 min readMay 6, 2022
It’s The Expression Itself — Prose Poem — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

It’s the expression itself that matters:

I try and not state things in terms of being absolute, that what I express is in anyway a true and certain revelation. These are insights for myself alone, shared for what I feel is the sake of art, as words are given only to be read by others. I love the phrase “prose poem” and that’s really what I strive for, successfully so or not isn’t for me to say. What I do is simple, a plan of silence and then whatever words appear, writing with an easy manner, without a chase for theme or words, letting ideas find me as I go. Nothing is forced, mistakes largely ignored as I focus on the flow of words. The expression itself is all that truly matters. My satisfaction is through the whole process, found in the silence just before and following each word, in the joyful turn of certain phrases and any insight they provide.

but it’s the expression itself that truly matters.

so anything I write should never be taken as literally so, insights are meant to guide us to a fluid truth, certain only for the moment that they’re written and then let go. Nothing is ever absolute, least of all words that merely act as symbols for some deeper insights found through the silence of their hold. Words are pointers, vital in their purpose, but never meant to be taken for the reality of this moment. Reading the right flow of words is actually an act of surrender, an artful means of letting go, as each word loses itself again to a silent pause before another word’s appearance.

it’s the same with writing.

and it’s why I consider everything I write as an expression of art, that it’s only meant for the moment of my writing and then surrendered to whatever other purpose it might hold. It’s not my role to provide any meaning to a reader, it’s the expression itself that truly matters, the art of its arrangement, and the entire process of this inspiration — my role is only through this moment, and then surrendered to any reader who comes across these words.

any meaning found is yours.


Peace, Eric

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