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so, I guess the difference now is that I no longer consider the things I do a means of achievement, that there is an end goal in place for me to reach one day reach. What I do — is for the pleasure that it brings. I sit in meditation for the simple joy of greeting each moment as it is, no wish to manipulate circumstances to find a deeper state of mind, but to welcome, and with this there comes a certain sense of peace that’s been present all along — everything is already, immediately accepted to my world.

through quiet moments…I watch things come and go.

inquiry is a natural expression, spontaneous, and not done with a purpose to find my place within the world — this is revealed by simply looking, and with this I’m given all that’s viewed in which to explore. I see my place clearly, that I belong truly within the world, aware that I’m a cherished aspect of the whole. It’s laid plain within the view, this belonging, seamless, with nothing far to search for.

my inquiry is seeing.

it’s all so easy, joyful, without the frantic energy of any seeking — everything I need is here, I’m aware, awake to the extent needed to know and deeply appreciate this present moment. Anything more will be received as a gift.

meditation brings me joy, so I sit. Inquiry happens on its own, quite naturally — so I give myself its moment to explore. That’s all. My life is of great interest to me, I’m curious to see how each next instant will unfold. There are no practice moments. This is it.

allow the things that bring you joy.



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