Just Sitting

eric mccarty
2 min readNov 24, 2022
Just Sitting — Mantra Meditation — Headless Now — Prose Poetry — Moca McCarty Photo

Just sitting:

it doesn’t have to cause anything, nor lead anywhere, it’s not a tool for awakening, meditation is simply our own exploration, a moment to moment unfolding of who we are right now. It’s the beautiful experience of just sitting quietly, moving ever inward and yet still finding the entire world, the universe, here, exactly where we are. We could call this awakening, Zen master Dogen likened meditation as the display of enlightenment, our inherent truth given show by our commitment to be silent and still. For me, it’s just sitting, being, a vibration of mantra playing through a seamless field of consciousness, a beautiful expression of being who I am, easily so, and there’s no need for me to make it anything more than this.

it’s enough, just sitting…


the question is still often asked if this will lead to awakening, or if enlightenment will soon arrive — and there’s really no ready answer for me to offer, there’s no concern for that here, no thought given to what this could be called or where it ever leads to. Meditation doesn’t hold a promise for something to occur, it’s not a process with an end result in mind. It’s its own thing, complete by itself, a journey without any destination, no place to be, we’ve already arrived…

just sitting.

being who we are.

for me, meditation is an expression of life, art, a continuous display of what I am through every possible moment, nothing excluded, and that it all somehow appears through that seamless field of consciousness. Thoughts are not distractions here, silence isn’t sought after, everything simply and so easily happens without any care or my concern.

life appears.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

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