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1 min readJun 21, 2024
Kinship — Sunrise — Walking — Foxes — Headless Now — Lyrical Prose


yesterday morning was the gift of foxes, three sightings during my early one, with one extended for over a minute before she broke into a graceful glide across a short field before disappearing into the brush. Truly magical to witness, always, and to capture this moment on video becomes an added highlight to my day, because with this gift — I know I get to share it.

others are joined within the magic.

a sense of kinship found.

even if it’s unexplained.

that’s the sense of magic gained through sharing anything beautiful, maybe especially with nature, as now we have a common bound, a recognition of beauty that breaks past the barriers of form and joins us in an unfathomable depth of soul. That’s the magic given to me by foxes, that I dropped myself as an outside observer and simply became the moment itself, pure, aware of every aspect yet not separate from the whole affair. Yes, when others watch this later it will be removed from the moment it was filmed, some slight magic maybe gone — but the sense of magic still linger however small.

we’ll have this moment with foxes.

a kinship with the moment.


Peace, Eric



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