Lasting Change

eric mccarty
3 min readMar 22, 2023
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Lasting change:

it’s few books that have such impact as to actually be a catalyst for lasting change, a deep inspiration that carries past a number of days and weeks and reaches into years. I’ve been blessed with some of these, books that have grabbed my attention and forced me to readdress the conditions of my life, the status of my joy and passion, and have caused me to make a lasting change. Of course I just might be highly impressionable, more easily swayed to new directions. But the books I’m thinking of have a more quiet energy to them, they don’t so much lead the reader to drastic action as they gently plant a seed that continues to blossom years after they’ve been read and perhaps we’re no longer even aware that we’re acting from this source. I smile as I write these words, thinking of one book in particular, Steve Pressfield’s The War of Art, and his message that urges a writer to simply do the work, writing only for the sake of writing, everyday, because that’s what writers do…

they write.

and that message gave cause for a lasting change.

I write.


it’s a wonderful book, and again I’ve been blessed with a few that have struck me equally deeply. But I have no idea as to why or how this has occurred, of literally hundreds of books read each year and yet this perfect and…



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