Life Evolves

eric mccarty
3 min readDec 14, 2021
Life Evolves — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Life evolves:

life evolves, and all without a grand design, no intelligence greater than its own — this, for me at least, seems to be the only God worth our understanding, that we are part of this innate process of life evolving for its own sake, belonging so fully to its expansion. Is it right to bring God into this? Well, I’m not a science writer, understanding little of the technical language that explains evolution. But what I am is alive, and inspired by a deep sense of finding myself participating with life on equal terms, that I belong to its every point and process, and this speaks to me of God.

so I write only from my own inspiration, with nothing to prove and no explanation for the language that I use. I use the term God for my own understanding, invoking the awe I feel in rediscovering my sacredness in an ever greater sacred view of life. This isn’t God the creator, but creation itself, evolving through infinite ages of a singularity in propulsion of the potentiality of life, all the way to this moment now. And amazingly, I am part of this, deeply so, orchestrated by chance and mystery to fit in seamlessly, essential even in the vital role I play in shared respiration with plants, home to a microbiol world, and to my every act of kindness. This is all that I belong to, and I find it holy by expression, science reflects my understanding, but lacks a certain language of the soul.

and indeed, it’s all soul.

life evolves, and again I use the terms God and soul — of 3.8 billion years in creative expression of the world, from undersea bacteria to single celled organisms, viruses, microbes, and the eventual build up of oxygen to the point that life is given possibilities for its expansion. Through this all life advanced through cooperation, at 2.15 billion years ago photosynthesis occurs, cells conspire to take in sunlight and carbon dioxide, an exchange of energy for oxygen and ever greater scope of air and possibilities. From here we come to cells growing in expression, one simple cell engulfing another in a manner helpful in outcome, life in its beginning of diversity and all leading to multicellular organism, continual evolution in response to a creative and changing world.

this is an intelligent system, not directed from an outer-source, but of its own response to conditions self created…



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