Matter of Appearance

eric mccarty
2 min readAug 8, 2021
Matter of Appearance — Poetry — Headless Now — Misty — Moca McCarty Photo

Matter of appearance:

it’s by matter of appearance — and this lends to our belief in a solid world, of things lasting in their value, and having more weight to any meaning. What arrives to our lives is instantly considered for it’s importance and effect, for it’s lasting worth or quick dismissal. Everything is evaluated and added as a story.

we make the world by matter of appearance.

yet this is true only by our evaluation; a quick assessment to the world at large and we arrive at a personal story for our navigation, a means to make sense with any confrontation. It’s a necessary survival skill and allows us to easily fit ourselves to any situation, to flee, fight, or accept it all.

but it isn’t necessarily true and so.

our initial glance shows the original view, innocent of our evaluation, free of any story. It’s the world in first order, of before we add ideas of past and projections for the future. This is zen seeing, a headless view of originality and creativity. It’s our innocence abiding just before the rush of any story.

it’s our first sight, always.

none of this is conscious, nothing is chosen to be a certain way — it’s how we’ve evolved to see the world and it’s simply a matter for our convenience. But our first sight still exists and provides our every true creative response to whatever life delivers. It’s the reason we meditate; a quick return to original innocence and gain in clarity and insight. It’s being ourselves again, without pretense, being real and truly what we are through every moment that we’re living.

this is our awakening.

it’s simply seeing.




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