My Own Found Awareness

eric mccarty
2 min readNov 5, 2020
My Own Found Awareness — Poetry — Nonduality

My own found Awareness:

of my experience — and this all I really can say about the world, my own found awareness and what unfolds for me alone. It’s only my present moment evidence, not meant to be believed by anyone else, or even by me, everything is subject to change, experienced and then let go. What remains is the motion of reality, shifting to a new expression even in the direct experience of what’s occurring.

nothing is known in isolation, reality it seems is a fabric of infinite threads and a small, attentive moment reveals the cloth of all existence. This doesn’t mean I’m blessed with privileged information, the knowing and wisdom of guru and sage. It only means an awareness of this moment — that right now, my attention to any single detail reveals a larger experience as well.

this moment, writing, drinking coffee, allowing the sounds of the world to reach me through an open widow, early breeze touched against me. It’s a broad experience of my morning routine, I’m aware of it all, and yet writing has my sharpest attention. But to write of my direct experience of now is to open to all that follows a single thread, it not wandering thoughts but simply my own allowing nature informing me of a larger world to be experienced right here in my office.

awareness is my invitation to explore what comes to my attention, to experience each given experience as a gift never again to be offered. I’m grateful to receive it all, knowing that to receive means I’m alive, hopeful in the faith that reality is motion, a continuous rebirth of a world to be experienced. It’s the promise of each moment.


eric mccarty

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