My Surrender

eric mccarty
2 min readFeb 9, 2022
My Surrender — Poetry — Prose — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

My surrender:

it’s not my surrender — I’m not willful in an sense of this, at no point do I let things go and accept any present situation. Yet it happens, completely on it’s own, and through no effort on my part. That’s how life occurs, continuous in its stream of acceptance, each moment being more of an allowing flow that opens to infinite possibilities through the course time. It’s the cause of my surrender, life, that I’m alive and participate fully in its flow.

my surrender happens on its own.

and this too is cause for my faith, of knowing that life simply opens to whatever’s present now, and that my every response is also suited to the moment, belonging to the seamless order of its flow. I’m not the one who arranges nor surrenders to any of this, but somehow too I find myself a seamless part of it all, intimate in life’s acceptance and continuation.

my faith is found through this belonging.

it’s often asked about the role of responsibility, if not the cause of conditions, nor of my surrender, is it a refusal to come to terms with events that may seem to be the results my actions? It’s a careful answer, and I can only say that once surrendered, responsibility no longer comes to play as a meaningful term. There’s only acceptance, a gentle and easy seeing that things can only be as they are right now, and that the present moment offers me a time of full participation. Life happens — and I am simply part of its events, an occurrence too, and somehow finding myself aware that I belong fully and only to this present situation. There is no one found apart from any aspect of life’s flow to solely be responsible, it’s all too dynamic, ever changing, and continuous for anything or anyone to ever truly be in fault.

there’s is no one to be held responsible, nothing to blame…

only life, happening,



Peace, Eric



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