No Longer Cherished

eric mccarty
2 min readNov 12, 2020
No Longer Cherished — Poetry — Nonduality

No longer cherished:

of my beliefs, they’re simply now held lightly, no longer cherished in an ultimate sense of being true. They are of service in the art of investigation, to lead me to my own open nature, free from the weight expectations.

to believe is to accept something as proven true — and little of my life is beyond examination, nothing has been shown to be permanent, what once served in a useful way will reach a point of limit, no longer being a source of aid or comfort. It becomes a belief of who I used to be.

even in the comfort of beliefs there’s little freedom to be found — I am constrained by a narrow grip of acceptance, without the courage to peer a bit further past these invisible confines. This is an inquiry of simply looking, nothing dismissed out of hand, no belief not given its due — but only asking how it serves, if still belongs to this point where life brought me. I am not without beliefs, yet they have little influence in any sense of who I am, they are tools to navigate through life.

a belief — once let go, then only the space of not knowing remains — an infinite space for life to be, and one free of any sense how it should all unfold. A better view of reality is shown. I still believe many thing, perhaps it’s just the nature of the mind — but nothing has to be true, I am not invested in anything as certain. My beliefs are no longer cherished. They belong as every other passing thought or moment, here, for now, experienced and then let go. It’s all without effort, life happening on it’s own — no matter what my beliefs may tell me.


eric mccarty

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