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in shamanism it’s called non-ordinary reality, a label to distinguish it from our regular state of mind, what we think of as our normal everyday mindset from which we experience life. On occasion a different reality bleeds through and we catch a glimpse of something completely other than the world we know, another state of consciousness expressed in a way that fully stuns us, shattering our conceptions of what’s ordinary after all.

I’ve loved that term since first reading in my early teen years, the yearning to experience non-ordinary reality fueled early experiments with LSD and mushrooms, taking me to Grateful Dead shows where I would dance with the ecstasy of intense playing from the band, particularly the extended drumming segments, and it was with this experience that I realized drugs weren’t truly needed. The music alone could take me to where I longed to be.

through some years of meditation, self-inquiry, and exploring those non-ordinary states, I’ve seemed to settle in a more inclusive view of reality, a world that allows for nature to speak to me through the energy of spirits, being simply information in subtlest form, whispering inspiration and giving me the urge to write of what’s been shared between us. This isn’t non-ordinary reality, it’s just the world speaking directly to me, happening all the time, but the magic comes through the quality of my listening.

it’s really our reality.

all of us.

life is simply energy in constant creative imagining, manifesting as infinite form, and there is only that reality. It’s inclusive, always willing to be explored through its every possibility. My everyday, completely ordinary morning walk turns into a shamanic journey whenever I pause and ask nature to speak to me, expressing itself through whatever form my imagination takes hold. It’s a world of spirits because everything gives voice as some essence of the whole, an expression of some divine energy that gives cause for all of life to exist and appear in some specific form.

non-ordinary reality is learning to listen, and to see the world through the infinite energetic patterns of its arrangement. In a sense, it’s nothing special at all, being exactly as things are right now, completely ordinary in its magical appeal.



Peace, Eric

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