Of Six Elements

eric mccarty
2 min readSep 29, 2022
Of Six Elements — Headless Now — Prose Poetry — Moca McCarty Photo

Of six elements:

we consist mainly of six elements, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus — that’s 99% of the human body, with five more elements rounding out the last 0.85%. These are the common ingredients of the universe as well, of which 70% remains hydrogen left over from the Big Bang. Our bodies were forged from the dawn of creation, beyond ancient, as we existed with the birth of time itself, and space soon followed for our expansion. The universe is our story, from singularity to the agitation of energy that gave cause for a sudden burst of creation, space and time coming to creation, every star, planet, endless galaxies, all formed from the material of this event.

of six elements we are arranged in such a way as to be unique in what we are, not just life, but a somehow aware human life, conscious of our own existence, able to ask important questions that lead to an understanding of how we came to be. We’ve done remarkably well with this, both science and philosophy offering explanations that continue to grow with further knowledge, building on its advancements and achievements, deepening with ever keener insights.

yet we’re never close to knowing why?

of six elements, perhaps randomly arranged, and now the universe is conscious of itself.


and of course all we have is speculation, philosophies and stories told of our cosmology, all brilliant in their way, but always stories, fiction at their very best. No need for me to add to this, although I believe that poetry has a hint in explanation, an intuitive sense that the universe wants to hear its story poetically told, its origins beautifully recreated through the means of every art’s display. That’s just my best and latest guess, nothing more than further speculation, based only imagination.

and yet?

somehow imagination arises from the arrangement of six elements, and with this I’m able to offer poems and stories, to imagine great designs, drawing, painting, sculpturing things of beauty. I can’t help but believe, if only through imagination, that this is exactly why…

of six elements,

an entire universe made,

and all for the sake of love and beauty.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

Writer, prose poetry, meditation teacher and lifetime student