Original Meditation

eric mccarty
2 min readMay 31
Original Meditation — Mantras — Headless Now — Nature -Prose Poetry — Moca McCarty Photo

Original meditation:

it’s nature that heals, restoring us to an easier pace, a peaceful place of mind, and it begins immediately with first breath of air as we’re surrounded by trees, perhaps the presence of a stream or larger body of water, birdsong’s and chirp of insects. This is our original meditation, just being as we are in the presence of nature, heart rate slowed down to its minimal effort, breath in easy rhythm, and brainwaves adjusted to the pattern of our surroundings, an energy of fractals and design.

we’re healed in the surest sense…

of simply being home.

one of the earliest forms of formal meditation was repetition of a sound, silently drawn inward towards a complete listening, merging with the subtle energy of the word. What was first heard and later became mantras were the sounds of nature, but deeply so, hearing the essence from which they emerged and the silence that they fell back to — our original meditation was being immersed in nature, a true and deep listening to the world.

and that’s what nature returns us to, this original listening, full bodied, our every fiber and inch of skin responding to the vibration of earth and air. Nothing more has to be done, we’re here, and that’s enough to restored to an easier place of being, our roots of existence branched once more through ground and breath returned to sky. We are matched with the patterns of nature, neurons firing to a slower pace, responsive to their surroundings.

this is our original meditation…

a deep listening to nature,

its mantras and patterns urging our return.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

Writer, prose poetry, meditation teacher and lifetime student