Original Stillness

eric mccarty
1 min readFeb 23, 2024
Original Stillness — Headless Now — Mantra — Lyrical Prose

Original stillness:

my mantra is beautiful, a vibrational quality of the moment I came into physical existence, and my only role is to gently think it as I’m easily, gently, carried to my original stillness. That sums up my meditation practice each sitting, no effort nor concentration involved, and with no concern for mindfulness either as the simple return to the mantra should my attention wander is itself a mindful act. Indeed, just thinking the mantra is the essence of mindfulness. Being absorbed within its vibration, nothing falling outside its perimeters -

each silent utterance is a meditation of its own.

completely so.

I could say that this is a beautiful, meaningful experience, but only after I emerge from original stillness, the silent gap between every thought that passes. The truth is, returning to the mantra leads me to a point beyond the nature of experience, as any identity of an experiencer drops away and there is only the vibration of the mantra in a subtle shift to silence…

leaving nothing to be experienced.

just the pure joy of existence,


by anyone at all.

it’s the original stillness of simply being.


Peace, Eric



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