Our Language

Our Language — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Our language:

it’s our language — assigning things to fixed positions and a place in time, assuming life conforms to a reality made exclusive for the senses. Yet the world is much to fluid for our words; at least with how we use them. Our first and most significant assumption is believing every object is a noun, static, and fits the meaning we’ve assigned. We talk of things as if the world is found in pieces, events separated by a gulf of time and not continuing in someway even now.

we give added weight to concepts.

our language fails in its attempt to capture reality and it was a losing task from our first ever spoken word. The world, every aspect of it, is much too alive for our description. We are noun focused and quick to objectify. It’s a failure to truly see that life is motion, a streaming of events where everything belongs at once as active in their play. The world is always in process. To assign anything a single role is to limit them in specifics. To really, deeply, see a tree is to observe that in just this one moment of our observation it is more than a single word can capture. To simply say tree gives it no real justice, we miss its motion, overlook its very essence. What we fail to note is better said in terms of action. Treeing, branching, rooting and connecting. We are a shared event with trees, an exchange of vital functions. Participants of together. Only our language separates us, giving cause to believe that the world is found in parts.

it’s really all one thing.

we are an ecosystem of a singular life, shared, aligned for the benefit of our continuation. We’ve simply forgotten due to the history of our conversation with the world. We talk of objects and not with the fluid sense of how things really are. We need a slight return to poetics, a language of inclusion, connecting us once again to the obviousness of our belonging.

we need to talk of motion.

our language should reflect how we really experience the world;

in all its seamless wonder.