Place to Start

eric mccarty
2 min readJan 24, 2023
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Place to start:

it started as wanting to help people physically, to be more fit, stronger and more flexible, lose some weight if that was an issue, my own passion for fitness became my means of living. I enjoyed it for many years and helped everyone from competitive athletes to ordinary people just looking to stay active and reach their fitness goals. It never quite felt like a career though, although I was happy and it was fulfilling to see people enjoying a higher quality of life, physically at least, and often emotionally as well. Yet I always wished that I could offer something more, a deeper healing, reaching a true sense of peace and joy beyond the mere physical. Of course it’s all connected and often times the body is the place to start, sometime it’s the only place — as being pain free and happy in our bodies is no small achievement.

what I didn’t realize was how this was really a metaphor for my own journey, that my life was moving beyond the familiarity of using the body to reach a sense of fulfillment, and by extension helping others to do the same. It was time to shift priorities, still holding the body as sacred, but now turning inwards, exploring means of deeper expressions than the physical alone. Meditation has been essential to my journey, decades long commitment equal to anything else I hold as dear. It’s what I wanted to offer others, believing that it might be an even better place to start, or at least along side of any other training or activity, body and soul being explored and healed together. I began to think of this as a more unique form of yoga, with every type of motion being a true asana.

and more subtle now, I find the place to start is with the breath, prana, such a soft form of energy to be explored. This is the point of all connections, from spirit inspired into form, everything created from here, the unmanifest coming to existence as the world. The breath is the place to start, truly so it seems, and from here we address all other concerns.

it all connects from breathing…

and everything starts from here.


Peace, Eric



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