Soul Awake

eric mccarty
2 min readJul 16, 2022
Soul Awake — Headless Now — Prose Poem — Moca McCarty Photo

Soul awake:

there is a Sanskrit word, jivanmukta, that translates to liberated while living, or perhaps more poetically stated as soul awake in this lifetime, and as with most Sanskrit terms it beautifully captures the essence of an experience that can’t really be described with contemporary language. Sanskrit itself, as with Hebrew and other ancient languages, is actually more of a vibration than a conversational tongue, meant to convey the exact qualities of that which it describes. To contemplate the word jivanmukta is to transcend to a higher vibrational awareness of possibilities, of our potential to be soul awake in this lifetime, of awakening within this very moment.

and that’s really what captivates me, more so than a lifetime of liberation, but just a singular moment of unique freedom expressed through whatever it is I happen to be doing. This is why I’ve participated in long distance endurance events, extending the possibilities of momentary awakening through many miles and a greater length of time. It happens too in meditation and sometimes my yoga practice, falling into the gap between thoughts, a silence extending infinitely inward to what feels to be the bedrock of the universe itself. Often as well my writing takes me to an awakened sense of inspiration, finding words and phrases simply drifting through a spacious place of mind, perfect for what I wish to say, and with no idea of how these words appeared or where they may have arrived from. I am liberated from the act of writing, free from seeking specific words to express a certain point or meaning.

everything just happens on its own.

my soul awake.

at least from the moment of my writing.

of course jivanmukta is much more than a momentary awakening, it’s more truly expressed as a lifetime of liberation, completely freedom now and in the lives that may follow. Although an awakened sage may choose to step off the wheel of samsara, forever merged in infinite wonder. But that’s not really what I wish for, at least not any longer, as I have no idea of further lifetimes, nor of an awakening beyond this present moment. I love to simply and easily stumble upon my soul awake, an instant of eternal bliss and liberation found within a fraction of my lifetime. These days this seems to happen quite often now, spontaneously, and without any effort given. My soul is always awake, jivanmukta, liberated, and there is no cause for seeking. I am always given a reminder.

and these moments happen on their own.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

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