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it seems that spinning in circles isn’t just for children, a pastime of idle days put aside in older years — there were benefits of this playful practice in our developing years and even now as adults it offers us many helpful things to consider. Through the years of my yoga practice I’ve often incorporated Tibetan energy yoga, what’s known as the Five Tibetans, a series of five movements done in a dynamic manner for anywhere to 3 to 21 repetitions depending on the level of my practice. The series begins with spinning clockwise while maintaining focus on the right middle finger. Oddly, I never questioned why spinning should be included in a routine meant for vitality of mind and body.

I just did it.

spinning through the years.

for children it’s playful, as well helping to improve hand eye coordination, focus, sense of balance, as well as enhances cognitive development. The many things we did as kids were important to our growth, from going barefoot and playing in the dirt to spinning in tight circles until we collapsed in dizzy delight, this playful behavior served us in so many important ways. Plus, we had fun, not a small thing to overlook through the course of years leading to adulthood.

so now I’m spinning again, a practice of my yoga, being a whirling dervish for a few minutes every morning. There are moments during this movements where I feel myself disappear within the motion of the spin, a tight center of awareness remains to witness the world swing by. This alone is worth the practice, an additional meditation serving as a reminder that the world stays in motion without my effort involved, that I am not the doer, but simply a participant in it’s whirl. Medically, studies have shown that there are many healthful benefits to this spin — easing depression, strengthening eyesight, improving complexion and cleansing the blood. There is also increased blood flow to the brain which enhances short term memory and spatial awareness which aids in easing high levels of stress.

more so, perhaps most importantly, this is a practiced designed for the subtle body, an energy program for chakras and to awakening the course of kundalini traveling through our spine. It leads off the Five Tibetans for a reason, preparing both mind and body for the other moves ahead. To be honest, I have no idea how much of this is true, there’s a great deal I take on faith, trusting the advice of ancient yogi’s and modern practitioners who swear that is so.

my own practice fills me with delight.

and so every morning…I find myself spinning.

as just part of the motion of the world.


Peace, Eric



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