The Ease of True Being

eric mccarty
2 min readOct 1, 2020
The Ease of True Being — Poetry — Mistyness

The ease of true being:

so I find myself at ease in the deepest sense of being — that my body performs its every function of necessity without need of my concern. From cells to molecules and down to particles that somehow gather to hold this point of form, there is no effort of my own, no intent for this to be. This is the ease of true being, a synchronicity of events that keep my life in form and motion. It’s a complete trust in nature and each moment defies odds for this continuation. But each morning I am graced with another day of being and for this my trust is held in awe and wonder.

this is truly an unearned grace, to be gifted with a precision to participate so fully in life, finding myself aware of how fragile this all is, any one moment could lead my world astray. For me to approach life with anything other than a high degree of tenderness would seem to dishonor what’s been give, That every cell and molecule continues in this gift, operating in perfect fashion and asking only to be expressed as what I am today. In this light I can only proclaim myself unconditional love, from every cell in service to my aware sense of being — I am love.

so yes, I find myself at ease, and even days that offer storms and darkness have found a way to now belong. Life continues in its own mystery, and that it has dark clouds that appear as trouble is no more surprising than my appearance. My trust in life remains unshaken. I am a grateful participant, fully at ease through no effort of my own. It’s the grace of true being.


Peace, Eric

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