Thy Will Be Done

eric mccarty
2 min readFeb 17, 2022
Thy Will Be Done — Prose — Poetry — Headless Now — Moca McCarty Photo

Thy will be done:

thy will be done — and this being just a simply prayer of letting go of my illusion of control, not as surrender to a far off god, but to life itself and how it flows with my own best interest in the currents of its stream. I use these words because they’re familiar, prayed a thousand times through my youth, and now it seems they come to me with new meaning, fresh, alive, and with a different perspective to my surrender. There is no god in this equation, nor is there an absence of belonging to something greater than myself — there’s only life and every aspect of its offer.

as life…

thy will be done.

this is a prayer of being powerless, yet not of a life without power — it’s clearly seeing that there is no true force of personality that controls life, that ego only believes itself in charge, an imaginary figure at the wheel. Thy will be done gives it all away, ego and control, letting go of any need to be in charge. It’s a surrender to life itself, not to a higher power, but the only power in existence, whatever energy that draws particles to form atoms, molecules in creation of cells, and life to evolve to the point of this awareness. This is what I surrender to, a greater will than my own, an innate intelligence that guides every aspect of nature.

thy will be done is the prayer that urges autumn leaves to drop their hold from branch, it’s an early bud that shows itself through the last of winter’s snow, and it’s the vibrant green of summer leaves basking in the touch of sun. Everything is a surrender to a greater process, no season has an agenda that excludes life in a new display through every following season. Winter always lets go to spring. This too is exactly where I belong, seasonal in a momentary sense, nothing lasting past the point of my surrender. All that is…changes…being nothing more than life in motion, completely letting go in order to become, continuous.

thy will be done.

and so it is.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

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