To Be Authentic

eric mccarty
2 min readMay 26, 2021
To Be Authentic — Headless Now — Poetry — Moca McCarty Photo

To be authentic:

to be authentic is to be at once flawed, as well as perfect in this acceptance — it’s the balancing of the human condition, that we have all been deeply wounded by something that life has given, and now no longer wish to hide our need to heal. This is the art and simplicity of being ourselves, airing wounds to the light of our attention, healing by means of true love for who we really are. To be authentic is to be present to ourselves, without immediate fix of any problem, allowing ourselves as broken in the very same moment we accept ourselves as whole, complete, exactly as we are right now.

yes, it’s a paradox.

it’s also how we heal — by recognizing a sometimes senseless world, allowing ourselves a flawed nature and acknowledging our perfect human essence. A paradox doesn’t mean that one side is wrong. Our truth is that reality has no sides, no condition that contradicts it’s own acceptance. In reality, everything that is — is allowed.

we heal by being whole.

and we are always whole, complete, even through the broken parts — reality is bigger than our personal beliefs, and we are never apart from its embrace. We always belong, perfectly accepted. To be authentic is to be real, and we are reality itself expressed through every moment, no matter what else we believe ourselves to be.

we are always authentic.

if we see that reality is immediate in it’s acceptance, and that we never escape it’s hold — we relax, there’s no reason to seek for anything outside of who we are. Reality is present now or not at all. So we are always whole, accepted through every seeming flaw, our scars and wounds simply part of what belongs. Reality holds every option.

nothing is excluded.

to be authentic…is to simply belong.



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