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2 min readJun 17, 2024
Upset — Headless Now — A Course In Miracles — Lyrical Prose — Moca McCarty Photo


lesson 4 of A Course in Miracles is the first true challenge to the ego, it reminds us that we’re never truly upset for the reason we thing we are, and that though the lens of our peace of mind every outrage is equal in its disturbance. What we’re asked to see is that being upset is the ego’s reaction to every situation that even slightly makes us mad. We’re moved away from a peaceful response within an instant, our equanimity thrown, and then the energy of these encounters lingers in the mind for hours or days.

sometimes for years.

what the Course is insisting is that there’s no hierarchy of disturbance within the context of our peace of mind, as the smallest upset is as equally able to sway us towards resent as the largest, and that a true creative solution to any situation is found through equanimity. It’s a very yogic response that’s offered here, worthy of Patanjali himself who stated in his sutras that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind. Lesson 4 of the Course is simply asking us to be aware of the motion caused by every upset.

large or small.

the Course and yoga are aligned in this regard, that we’re not manipulating the mind to gain any special state of equanimity, but that we’re just bring an easy awareness to the motion of the mind, witnessing how it’s disturbed by the thoughts that judge this present moment.

and through awareness along our mind begins to change.


and we more easily respond.

it’s just a kinder way for us to move through the world.


Peace, Eric



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