Waking Early

eric mccarty
2 min readSep 30, 2022
Waking Early — Headless Now — Prose Poetry — Moca McCarty Photo

Waking early:

waking early to appreciate the silence, the world is hushed in slow activity of easing towards the day, and it seems that whatever sounds occur are quickly reclaimed by the morning’s quiet hold. It’s a sacred time, mystics commune with God at this hour, praying silent tones, listening to a voice residing in the depths of all things, a vibrations really, heard through their entire being, resonance. This is my time too, being a mystic at heart and a poet too, my prayer is to always go deep within the silence and emerge with a sense of beauty to convey, qualities that can never be truly translated into words, yet perhaps I’ll be able to capture just a bit of their essence.

but if not…it’s enough to be part of this holy conversation.

in these hours I believe in angels, in faeries and elemental’s, nature spirits with an urge to communicate their secrets to me. Everything is possible in the hours before dawn, and waking early is my promise to believe in the improbable, suspending doubt of a rational, solid world as my only reality, and lending myself to the pure vibrational means of exploring other worlds. These are the realms of imagination, not imaginary, as they’re too real to be called anything other than aspects of reality that are only known in certain hours — this is where stories emerge from, poets receive their best words from here, mystics and shamans are given holy visions, and musicians hear the inspiration for their songs.

magic happens here.

and waking early makes us most available to know this realm.

of course I might deny this later in the day, in more rational hours — but it’s still early now, not quiet dawn as I write these words. Magic still lingers, my sense of everyday reality hasn’t fully settled in my mind, and the realm of imagination remains near, almost reachable, but not quite, as the hours have progressed in distance towards the belief in a material world.

tomorrow, waking early…

I’ll dream once more.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

Writer, prose poetry, meditation teacher and lifetime student