We Are

eric mccarty
2 min readJun 6, 2023
We Are — I Am — Headless Now — Prose Poetry — Moca McCarty Photo

We are:

we are soul, it’s not that we have one, or anything at all, not really. We don’t have a soul, nor do we have a body or a mind, it’s simply what we are — soul expressed physically, thoughtfully, creatively. There’s nothing else, just soul, seen as infinite form and as every function.

we are…

truly, nothing more needs to be said but that, the beginning of any self-description is immediately the end as well — collectively, to say “we are” is an apt interpretation, anything that follows is only a story, an aspect of an aspect of reality.

or even more removed.

just as my own self-description, individually so, is to say I am, and nothing more needs to follow in order to capture any essence of what’s so. Those two words are enough, not a summary, but complete by themselves alone, whole, and they contain absolutely everything that comes right after. To say I am is to provide a fabric for my life to unfold, a blank page given for an infinite story to be told. It’s reality right before anything else is properly expressed.

I am — is soul.

we are soul.

and of course, this is a story too.

even if it’s true.


Peace, Eric



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