Wished To Be Aware

eric mccarty
2 min readNov 23, 2022
Wished Yo Be Aware — Headless Now — Prose Poetry — Consciousness — Meditation — Moca McCarty Photo

Wished to be aware:

really, for me, it doesn’t seem imaginable that consciousness could be discounted from the completion of the universe, that it would be a mere byproduct of a chemical reaction taking place entirely within the brain of animals, or even as an evolutionary process on a smaller scale for the benefit of survival. It makes little difference in my view how consciousness arrives, or at least individually in my concern, a chemical reaction sets the conditions just right as surely as if it existed all along. Yet that’s what astonishes me so deeply, that the universe itself is so ripe for consciousness to occur, streamlined for me to be aware of my very own existences. As if the universe wished to be aware of itself…

and I am simply a portion of its plan.

what I do is write lyrical prose, striving for a sense of poetry and beauty through my personal expression. I have the benefit of not needing to be right in any of my views, with little care to meet the opinions of others with any argument of my own. There are other writers for that, better suited to make their case in a scientific or philosophical sense. This is all stream of thought here, without interest in proof, just words being given freely to the page.

and yet,

there have been years of meditation, decades now, and a deepening note of my own consciousness and how seamless it seems to be expressed. A quiet mind finds no point of separation, not even from the occasional thoughts that may appear, everything just continues as an easy flow, perfect in its own way. Here, I find that there’s only consciousness, just the simplicity of being alive, aware, and participating with the universe in my particular manner, unique, perfect too in my own way. I can’t discount myself from the completion of the universe, nor exclude my own individual awareness from the whole.

it’s all here.

as if the universe wished to be aware..

and I was perfect for this role.


Peace, Eric

eric mccarty

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