Write About Writing

Write about writing:

some mornings I’m simply not inspired with a theme or topic, my creative need is present, but no clear idea makes itself known to be written. On these mornings I usually write about writing, or how inspirations makes itself known through the process of patience, listening, and the desire to create. Words always seem to flow from here, as if it’s an invocation to a muse and what follows after is a blessing for this process. This works for me, not just to write about writing, but to allow myself the freedom of not knowing when or how inspiration will next appear, of not needing a particular topic to give me the urgency to write, or if words will even come to me. It really doesn’t matter, what I’ve discovered is that silence is the creative home for words and I am happy to abide here, silent too, listening, patient.

and words find me when the time is right for writing.

so for me it’s all really about self-exploration, the whole process, writing a single word and seeing what, if anything will soon follow. I imagine the same may be true for painting, how a single line brushed against canvas might lead to further inspiration. Or perhaps from a different perspective, that a lone stroke has been left as testament that an artist had arrived to face the empty canvas and placed great care and emphasis on leaving the perfect line of this moment’s clear expression.

sometimes a single line is all that’s needed.

or just a few words.

and sometimes I write about writing.

it’s all an expression of the moment, whatever mark we leave against the page, clear, pure, and it’s only the judgement that follows after that muddles the clarity of what’s been given. One word can be the perfect expression of a moment if it’s written with the right intention. By this I mean that we, as an artist, are aligned with the greater intention of our creative spirit, that our will is as empty as the page, our mind opened to the infinite potential that emptiness and silence hold, and our hearts are filled with the purity of this intent. From here, and this point on — whatever is written, whatever mark is left against the page…

is perfect in its expression.


Peace, Eric




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